Motorbike Parking Options at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham airport is chosen as the best among the various airports in the United Kingdom. Finding out a parking place in the Birmingham airport is sometimes difficult as the city is busy round the clock. Of course like the extent of the airport area the parking options are available abundantly to serve the people around. There are free motorcycle parking lots that are available near the entrance where the multi-storey car parking is located. One need not be worried about thefts or burglary there. There are bars existing where you can cable your vehicle to. You can find paid parking lots also at economical rates beginning from £4 on a daily basis.

Facilities available in the parking areas

Parking at Birmingham airport has become entirely automated and can be operated by self. The automated systems offers more suitable way of parking the vehicles in and also the exit options available to get out of the lot. Since the parking lots are self-operated and automated, the payment options are also much more enhanced like accepting credit cards and smart cards. There are many parking lots at the airport and the areas around the same. There are options available online and through phone to check the availability of private car parking agencies around the Birmingham Airport area. Consumers can view the availability status and the prices of parking providers so that the consumers can avail the best deals.

Options available for parking at the Birmingham airport

There are three categories in the parking preferences that exist in the Birmingham airport viz.; long stay parking, medium stay and short term stay parking.

Short Term and Medium tenure parking options:

For the short term and medium term options the charges are very meagre that is very much permissible. For all those who want to park their motorbikes for up to a week can park them safely at the motorbike bays there.

Long Tenure Parking:

Any vehicle that requires secure parking for more than a week’s time will come under the long term category. This parking bay is situated a little far from the airport terminal which is walkable and there are even shuttle services from the terminal to this bay. Such shuttle services would be very useful in case of travellers having more luggage or physically unable to walk for even short distances with baggage.

Drop off Points and Pick up Points:

In case, the traveller determined not to leave the car or motorbike in the airport and requires only a drop or a pick up from the airport there are points offering such services as well? This attracts a minimal fee for pick-ups and drops.

Valet parking:

There is even valet parking facility that has titled valets who will park your vehicle and get them back for you on your arrival safe and secure till the traveller arrives back to the Birmingham terminal. This is the easiest and swiftest way of getting parking done.