Five Tips For Hiring A Corporate Video Production Company

Although most social media videos are filmed and produced by amateurs, business videos need to have a polished look to them. For customers and others interested in your company to take your videos seriously, they should be flawless while maintaining a casual presentation.

Achieving such videos can be difficult for amateur filmmakers but it should be easy for professional videographers. Here are five tips for hiring a professional video production company to make your business videos.

Hire Business Video Experts

Even though you may know of someone who shoots videos for weddings and other live events, this doesn’t mean that he or she has the necessary skills to produce corporate videos. Shooting a live event is much different than shooting a scripted scene as there may be multiple takes needed to capture the right one. Several skills, such as knowing how to use lighting, using the right props for a video, and scripting scenes, are needed to produce a good business video.

Think Long-Term When Hiring

If you’re going to be shooting videos for social media, in-house training, or advertisements, consider hiring the same company to produce all your video needs. Instead of taking time to find different video companies for each project, find a company that can produce a variety of videos for your business. Using the same production company will help your business save time, money, and frustration by maintaining consistency and utilising existing knowledge.

Seek Extensive Experience

Along with shooting videos involving live subjects, an experienced video production company should also have animation, audio production, and graphic design skills to produce a variety of videos. When examining portfolios, make sure to evaluate videos for these and other skills necessary for effective corporate video production in Brisbane.

Ask About Credentials

Although the video production industry is unregulated in Australia, companies that are serious about their industry will often belong to professional organisations. A company that belongs to the Australian Video Producers Association will usually produce high-quality videos and comply with a professional code of conduct. When interviewing video production companies, ask if they belong to this professional organisation.

Ask About Insurance

Private businesses should have certain forms of insurance in place to protect their workers if they are hurt on the job and to take care of damages if the property they are working on is damaged. A video production company should also have public liability insurance in place to cover damages caused during the production of a video. To ensure that they have this policy in force, ask to see their Certificate of Currency to prove that they have the coverage.

By using these tips, you should be able to find a good video production company that can handle producing different types of corporate videos for your business.

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